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Talk to God Through Your Spiritual Journal

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Have you ever considered using your spiritual journal as a way of talking to God?  Sitting in church yesterday listening to a good friend of mine explain how she visits with her Heavenly Father, I was inspired to make a change in how I communicate with God.

Sherry visits with God on the pages of her journal.  That in and of itself is not terribly unusual.  A lot of folks write to some higher power in their journaling, songwriting, or poetry.  I believe in that.  I believe there is a being who sees or hears those unuttered pleas, gratitudes, or questions.  Sherry has been writing down her prayers for a number of years.  Her husband was the one to share that bit of information.  When she prays,  she gets out her journal and reads the prayer.  I had never considered that.  Does that work?  Well, why not?  I’ve read a lot of prayers.  The Lord’s prayer is written down.  For some reason I always thought you had to be inspired at the moment  as to what you might say.  A premeditated, written down prayer seemed to me to be insincere or even cheating on prayer rules, which is kind of a ridiculous idea.

Looking back on my own experience with prayer, I am often times frustrated because I forgot this or that.  I have a hard time staying on topic too and sometimes I’m so tired I fall asleep in mid-sentence.  How’s that for focused thought!  Listening to my friend, I realized I could use some help with my prayers.

Yesterday Sherri was explaining how she writes to God in her journal, asking questions, asking for blessings, and simply being grateful.  Then she retired to a quiet place and read her prayer.  While in this quiet attitude, she began receiving inspiration about what she should do about the  situation, how to solve that dilemma, etc.  Because she had her spiritual journal with her,  she was able to jot down her answers.  Wow!  How powerful is that.  She has her answers with her as she received them and can read them again and again because she wrote them down.  She knows what to do and can refer back anytime.  I love that. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a great idea come to me and I’ve forgotten it, even when I was sure I would remember.

I’ve had to reconsider my method of personal prayer.

I am committed to giving this idea of learning at the feet of God a try.  Perhaps you already do something like Sherry.

For me, it has been a wonderful eye opening paradigm shift of not just merely praying to God hoping that I would remember everything that had caused me concern during the day, but of having real and inspiring conversations; actually taking the time to listen and record the reply.

Have you ever considered using your spiritual journal as a way of talking to God?  Perhaps you ought to give it a try.


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