Spiritual Journaling

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Spiritual Journaling tells the story of your heart and soul as you experience life with all its wonders.  As you journey through life seeking truth and wisdom, a journal can be your best friend on the road to eternity. Spiritual growth can be a complicated process and capturing your heart’s deepest thoughts in a journal allows you to see exactly how you are traveling that road. 

A spiritual journal can serve many purposes, including a catalog of your own prayers. There is great wisdom and insights to be had when you write down your own prayers.  Record the things you have gleaned from sacred readings, and even daily encounters with others on their own spiritual journeys that serve to help you on your pathway.  

I believe the most important spiritual journaling is the record of aha moments received at the most inconsequential times.  For an instant your understanding has been enlightened, a question long asked, finally answered.  There are times when God or his Angels have spoken peace to your mind, or you have received guidance concerning a problem you have.  Those are your personal scriptures that must be recorded – not only for your benefit, but for any who will read them one day.


 Here are some ideas to get you started in Spiritual Journaling 


– Your thoughts and prayers can be helpful to write out and see in the written word.

– A study journal of your sacred readings can be an excellent way to record your thoughts and interpretations of what you are learning about.

-Record any “aha” moments you have during your day.

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