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The Personal Ponderings Combined Journal is a blending of our Spiritual or Scripture Journal and our Personal Journal. It is an excellent tool for those who want to keep their daily record in the same binder with their gospel study notes.  Space is such an issue for many who travel with their journals.  The Combination Journal solves that problem.

Missionary Journal

Product Description

50 Lined sheets of quality journal paper

The Scripture Journal A-Z tabs

8 blank fully customizable tabs

“The Index of my life” Section

FREE Travel Companion with 50 lined gummed sheets of quality journal paper.

The Personal Journal section of this journal begins with “The Index to my life” which provides for one-line entries. Days can easily be documented and more can be written later if there is not enough time to journal then.

The ring binder allows for “adding to” or “taking away from” the journal at any time. Entries can always be kept in chronological order no matter when they are added.

The Spiritual Journal section includes A-Z tabs which allow for taking notes on topic. This is an essential organizational tool, making it easy and quick to find notes when they’re needed again.

Blank tabs can be used as year markers or to section off specific categories such as conversion stories, blessings, personal revelations, dreams, visions, spiritual experiences, humorous moments and so forth.

How to Use the Personal Journal Section

How to Use the Scripture Journal Section

The Value of A-Z Tabs

The Scripture Journal For Missionaries



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    “This journal is an answer to the dilemma of whether to buy a Personal Journal or a Scripture Journal. Now I can have both in one. Thank you.”

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