Gratitude Journal

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Thought has power.  The act of thinking creates a vibrational frequency.  That vibrational frequency can be a creative healing frequency or a destructive one.  The highest most healing frequency is emitted when a person thinks or feels love; love for another, or healthy love for oneself.  Compassion is a powerful word for love which also carries a healing vibrational frequency.   Like compassion and love, gratitude vibrates at a healing frequency and describes a deep inner feeling.  Holding thoughts of gratitude will lighten ones mood, turn a sour situation sweet, and lighten your heart of any heavy loads.

Sent out thoughts of gratitude

The scriptures are replete with recommendations that we give thanks.  I believe that is because we are being instructed in how the universe was set up and how it is of most benefit to us.  As we say or think words of thanks – for all we have, all we are, our very existence, and more…….we throw a boomerang out into the heavens, and as that boomerang vibrating with higher thoughts makes its way back to us again, it picks up more of whatever we sent out there and comes back to us with abundance. So by sending out words of thanks, we get back so much more and many times you feel immediately lighter, happier, and at peace in spite of your current situation.

A gratitude journal is a good way to spend a little time each day refocusing your mind and heart on all the great things going on in your life and all around you.  Write for 10 minutes a day. List everything you can think of to be thankful for.  Or you can just write the 10 things that you are most thankful for every day.  You can decide that you have to come up with new things to be thankful for and not allow yourself to repeat anything you have written down already.  Or, you can allow yourself to write freely and uninhibited with time limitations or specific list lengths.  It is interesting to see the things that seem to repeat themselves over and over again. What is it that you are truly grateful for more than anything else?

It’s a wonderfully simple truth that what you send out there comes back.  Yet, we need to be aware, it can be to our undoing if we send out destructive energy.  Nevertheless, its all fair in the end.  We get what we sow.  So think thankful thoughts, write words of gratitude and appreciation, and see if all of creation won’t appreciate you too.


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