Ask Questions In Your Idea Journal

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Here is an IDEA for one of the tabs in your journal. Mark it with the word IDEAS – and then start filling the pages with ideas that come to your mind. If you want, focus on specific ideas rather than have a bunch of random ideas.

Perhaps you’re trying to work out a problem or maybe you want to create something but aren’t sure how.  Write down questions you are trying to answer on one side of the page. Pay special attention to the answers you get as you ask yourself pertinent questions.  Yes, your subconscious mind goes to work much harder and more thoroughly if you ask questions. Perhaps the subconscious is more in touch with the ethereal – it wouldn’t surprise me.

This activity has brought much success to those who have the discipline and take the time.  Write down the ideas that come as possible answers to your questions on the other side of the page.   Or, perhaps you want to  just go for it and write down everything as you receive it and sort it out later.

Take an idea break or an idea vacation.  Be sure to bring your TRAVEL COMPANION along.  Seek a quiet place that brings you peace and then just focus and write.  As you question yourself, ideas will come, and your journal will fill with – who knows what – perhaps the million dollar answer!

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