Print It While You Can

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Many of us like to keep a personal journal on the computer. It’s a much faster way to record the day’s events. When I am hand writing something, my brain travels so much faster than my hand. Losing what I wanted to say is a common occurrence. Sadly, it takes too long between my thoughts and their appearance on paper. Maybe that problem is unique to me, but somehow, I don’t think so.

Keeping my personal journal on the computer has worked well and I have it safe from computer failure because it is in dropbox. The problem I see with everything in dropbox is, one just never knows if something is going to happen that will prevent me from accessing dropbox one day. Another thing that has begun to worry me, is the access “others” might have to my personal writings. What if someone doesn’t like what I write? Lately I have not thought it so wise to use dropbox or anything online for personal writings. So, either monthly or quarterly I make a hard copy of my personal journal, then delete it.

Printing your Personal Journal

By formatting my printer to print on paper the size of my journal pages, I can print out a months worth of entries all at once. I can easily add pictures to the pages which makes my journal so fun and interesting. It reads much like a book. Because pictures say 1000 words, you can bring back a flood of memories with a picture.

Keep your personal journal safe and private. Give our “Blank Page Refills” a try and see if you don’t just love flipping through the pages of your personal journal.

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