Are your scriptures packed full of random scraps of paper?

Have you ever written down a great thought or quote on a piece of paper and not been able to find it again?

The innovative Combination Journal from Personal Ponderings solves this problem.
The Personal Ponderings Journal is an attractive 7 ring binder with A to Z tabs allowing you to keep notes according to topic. Just imagine all of your notes and favorite quotes on courage or faith in one organized, easy to access spot!


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The Personal Ponderings Journal has been designed so you can put the quote or thought in a specific section where it can easily be found.

Ideas for these blank tabs could be “Dreams” or “Personal Revelations.” These, then, become easy access too.


“I am LOVING my new journal! I am motivated like never before to study and record my thoughts, findings, and additional insights because now I know I have someplace special to record them. I plan on using this book for years and years as a reference for church talks, future questions, and additional learning. In addition, I love having the blank tabs at the back for recording such things as personal blessings and tender mercies. Thank you for coming up with a product I’ve been searching for, but never knew it!!” ~Rachelle Price

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Do you hate packing around more books and have too much to carry as it is?

Fortunately Personal Ponderings has a slim, lightweight notebook called ‘The Travel Companion’ with the same lined pages contained in the journal.

The Travel Companion is comfortably carried to meetings, packed for trips, or with you in your daily bag. You can easily move the things you have written on the go, from the Travel Companion, to the Journal, under the appropriate tab.

The Travel Companion comes absolutely FREE with every Personal Ponderings Journal.


What you get when you order the Personal Ponderings Combination Journal.

50 Lined sheets of quality journal paper.

The Scripture Journal A-Z tab’s.

4 Blank, fully customizable tab’s.

Index of my life.

FREE Travel Companion with 50 lined gummed sheets of quality journal paper.

A lifetime of memories and personal spiritual study at your fingertips!

The Personal Ponderings Journal and Travel Companion enable the missionary to keep all his or her gospel study notes in one place. Thoughts on inspiration and revelation, faith and healing can be accumulated in one organized place during the course of a mission. The Travel Companion is small and light making it easy to carry in a back pack or in a scripture pouch. Years later these notes are easily found and are still of great value.

“I am really enjoying my study journal! I LOVE the separate pocket – the flaps are wonderful and the large pen loop is great. I can take 2 pens if I want! I feel like I can be so organized this way. I’m really starting to develop my own way of recording and organizing my own thoughts and revelations. Thank you so much.” ~Sister Perry, Russia Moscow Mission

Write it down and put it where you can always find it and where you can add to it as your life experience grows. You will be amazed at how much you remember and how deeply you can speak on a subject!

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