Amanda Smith

Personal Ponderings Journal Lost In Storm

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As reports of the destruction in the Philippines floods the news,
many are asking what they can do to help.

A harrowing story recently surfaced about 10 missionaries trapped in the second story of a cinderblock apartment, windows barred, the ocean water slowly rising around them. With great courage, faith, and the will to live, these missionaries broke through the walls of their home to get out, braved the raging storm, and were miraculously spared in a city where so many lost their lives.

Amanda Smith

“Thank again for my Scripture Journal Refill. I’ll be serving in the Philippines Tocloban mission very soon.” – Amanda Smith

Most of their belongings washed out to sea or were completely ruined. Amongst the vanished treasures were their journals. Amanda Smith, one of this group of 10 missionaries, lost her Personal Ponderings Scripture Journal to the flooding waters of the storm. For missionaries, journals are a sacred place where they write their most precious thoughts, feelings, testimonies, experiences, and desires. Their journals buoy them up when they are down and give them a record of a time they will always cherish. While we cannot replace their lost words, we can provide them the ability to start again, with new journals.

As the season of giving is upon us, you may be looking for an opportunity to serve. In an effort to help, even in a small way, Personal Ponderings would like to raise the funds necessary to replace not only Amanda’s Journal, but every journal that was lost by a missionary due to the devastating typhoon! We believe those missionaries who lost their journals will benefit from a replacement journal from Personal Ponderings.

All contributions will go toward the Journals, and the cost to ship them.

If YOU would like to help, please do so by clicking the DONATE button below.

Personal Ponderings will match all Journal contributions!


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