How To Journal

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First Find Your Why!

Journaling is really super simple.  It requires nothing more than a pen and some paper.  If you can write, you can keep a diary or journal.  Yet, the best of the would be journalers  just can’t seem to get it done.  Here are 5 reasons to get you started and keep you going. In Victor Frankl’s book Man’s Search For Meaning, he said,  “Those who have a “why” can bear almost any how.”  Such is the case with  journal writing.  You need to have a good reason other than “I should”  or  “I ought to.”   Ask yourself why you should or why you ought to.  Everyone is different and so will have different reasons to keep a journal.  It would be unwise to try and give you my “why’s” expecting that my reasons will be yours.  Yet, I think there is value to hearing why others find journaling to be of great value.  By sharing my reasons with you, perhaps one or two will strike a strong enough cord with you to cause you to seek your own “why “ and then it will be much easier to keep a journal as part of your  life’s routine.

#1 – Journaling with pen in hand (not on a high tech device) actually creates neuropathways in your brain.  It is a healthy, healing activity.

#2 – Journal writing allows you to “de-stress.”   Telling someone your troubles is very therapeutic, but there are many things we don’t really want to tell anyone.  Telling your journal is even better, because your journal will not spread your troubles to others and you get the same benefit of releasing trapped emotions.

 #3 – Journaling can organize your thoughts allowing you to see more clearly the path you need to take.

 #4 Keeping a diary journal is a way of documenting your life.  Few of us value the days of our lives like we should.  There is much we have learned and much we can share.  It is all but lost if we don’t write it down.  What words of wisdom would you give to those you love?  You can with them over and over years after you are gone.

 #5 – Journaling is a great way to create.  When we write things down, something happens in our subconscious mind and it goes to work to bring about the things we wrote.  This all happens at a level we are not really aware of.  Amazingly,  we find we have the reality of our goals or plans just as we had written them.

There are many more reasons for writing in journals.  There are probably as many reasons as there are journals to write in.  These are some of my top reasons. Brainstorm reasons of your own and come up with a “why” that is powerful enough to keep you writing on a regular basis for as long as you can write.


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