Journal Writing Can Help Solve Problems

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Sometimes I feel like I’m living in my very own Groundhogs Day. The same types of things seem to happen again and again. The other day I found myself frustrated with a re-occurring predicament. Sleepless nights were spent wondering what I had done the last time. That’s when I stumbled upon a genius thought. What if I wrote about what was happening, how it happened and what I did throughout? Not only would this be an emotion saver but it would also help with my life’s quality control. I would be able to read about mistakes made as well as successes experienced. Instead of loosing precious beauty sleep I could say, “Hey, I’ve been here before (or someplace similar). I’m going to go right over here to my journal and read about it.” Though my journal may be filled with ‘try, try again’ experiences, at least I would know what not to try. For sure journal writing can lead me in a better direction and help solve problems.
Journal writing

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