Missionary Journal Writing

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Some love to and some hate to, but everyone should keep a journal.  Study, pondering, goal setting, frustrations, personal spiritual experiences, and reflections are all part of missionary life.   Keeping a record or diary of life on a mission is not only good for the missionary, the treasure trove of thoughts, quotes, and memories both good and bad will be …

Spiritual Journaling

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Spiritual Journaling tells the story of your heart and soul as you experience life with all its wonders.  As you journey through life seeking truth and wisdom, a journal can be your best friend on the road to eternity. Spiritual growth can be a complicated process and capturing your heart’s deepest thoughts in a journal allows you to see exactly …

Personal Ponderings Personal Journal

Talk to God Through Your Spiritual Journal

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Have you ever considered using your spiritual journal as a way of talking to God?  Sitting in church yesterday listening to a good friend of mine explain how she visits with her Heavenly Father, I was inspired to make a change in how I communicate with God. Sherry visits with God on the pages of her journal.  That in and …