Spiritual Journaling

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Spiritual Journaling tells the story of your heart and soul as you experience life with all its wonders.  As you journey through life seeking truth and wisdom, a journal can be your best friend on the road to eternity. Spiritual growth can be a complicated process and capturing your heart’s deepest thoughts in a journal allows you to see exactly …

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Talk to God Through Your Spiritual Journal

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Have you ever considered using your spiritual journal as a way of talking to God?  Sitting in church yesterday listening to a good friend of mine explain how she visits with her Heavenly Father, I was inspired to make a change in how I communicate with God. Sherry visits with God on the pages of her journal.  That in and …

3 Steps Towards Accomplishing Your Resolutions

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Have you taken the time yet to sit down and reflect upon the past year and what you would like to accomplish in the coming year? It is that time again, when many try to change old self-defeating habits, start new projects, accomplish the “undone,” make new friends, change careers, or any of a number of things that you may …