The Benefits of Collecting Quotes

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“I pick my favorite quotations and store them as ready armor, offensive or defensive, amid the struggle of this turbulent existence.”

-Robert Burns.


Are you a quote collector?  Few people actually gather quotes and catalog them in some way so they can find them again when they need them.  I happen to be one of those people who enjoys  keeping great quotes. Because I am a reader, I often come across quite profound words of wisdom in the books I read.  I try to underline, circle, or star the saying and then record it later when I have time.  For me, great quotes help me see the world in a new fresh way.  They give me cause to pause and consider my beliefs, my priorities, and help me maintain perspective through tough times.  I love  that “aha” moment when the light bulb in my brain has been turned on and I finally “get it.”  Its those passages that I usually jot  down to use some time in the future or to put up on my wall or my mirror.  

Yes, I’m one of those people that puts words up on the walls of my home.  I have two sayings right now that I enjoy seeing on a daily basis.  For me, they are principles of truth that I need to be reminded of.  One is “miracles happen” and the other is “give thanks.” The oldest quote I have used was attributed to Plato who wrote,”music has the ability to take the soul where it would not otherwise go.” I framed that and put it on the wall behind the piano. I used it to inspire my children to keep practicing! Most of the quotes I collect are positive statements that help me keep perspective.  I hope they do the same for those who share my surroundings.

I have a friend who lives down the street from me.  He has lived a long, full, life and is somewhere in his 80’s.  His mind is still keen and he has a lot he wants to share.  One day he handed me a stack of 3×5 cards wrapped with a rubber band.  On the cards he had written quotes.  He didn’t know I was a quote keeper.  I didn’t know he was either.  Over the past year or so he has handed me many stacks of cards in an effort to share quotes or beliefs and principles that he values.  I discovered that he has compiled a book of over 44,000 quotes. His quotes cover a vast number of subjects from patience and perfection to wisdom and worry.  

While I don’t agree with all the quotes he gives me, and he assures me he doesn’t either, there are some great words of wisdom in the cards he has given me and I feel privileged to have him share those quotes with me. I’ve decided to share the wealth of his wise words and have created a quotes section. I will be adding to it over the years.  I hope you will find value there.  Please share it with your friends. Quotes are always better when they are accompanied by pictures.  If you “like” our facebook page, you will also be able to enjoy the quotes there with some fabulous pictures that go with them.

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