Blank Journals

The Literary Journal comes with a “Literary List” section, two sets of A-Z tabs, 4 blank tabs, blank journal pages, and a gummed pad of blank journal pages for the Travel Companion. The first set of A-Z tabs stores notes taken from books, lectures, seminars, conferences, online classes, or videos.  The second set stores quotes by topic.  Find all your notes in seconds thanks to our simple filing system. This is only a suggestion though, our journals are versatile and you can create a number of different types of journals with our tabs and filler pages.

The Scripture Journal is complete with A-Z tabs, blank journal pages, 4 blank tabs, and a gummed pad of blank pages for the Travel Companion.  Keep all your notes filed according to topic.  Find them easily and quickly.  Use the blank tabs to record your personal spiritual experiences such as dreams, visions, blessings, revelations, inspirations, or whatever you want. Keeping all your spiritual  thoughts and beliefs in one book is powerful – not only for you to re-read, but for anyone who comes across your writings after you are gone. The Scripture Journal is a perfect tool for missionaries, or serious students of religion no matter what age.

The Personal Journal includes “The Index Of My Life” section (which acts as an event record), blank journal pages, 8 blank tabs which could be used as year markers or as a place to keep other journaling categories such as “Hobbies” “Goals” or “Humor In My Life”.  There is also a gummed pad of blank journal pages for the Travel Companion.  Your life’s story will be easy to put into book form and a pleasure to look back on because it will already be indexed and the important events will be documented.



The Travel Companion
Free with all blank journals. Easily fitting in purse, briefcase, or backpack, it is an excellent way to journal away from home.





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I have really enjoyed my Personal Ponderings Journals. When I was first introduced to them I had been looking for some kind of system like this and was very excited about their origination. They have really assisted me in linking my scripture study, Personal pondering time, my journaling and the notes I take in my Church meetings and other important and sacred times. Having a system that allows me to access these notes and journaling’s so easily has enriched my life. They have made preparing for lessons and talks so much easier. They have also helped me in times of personal reflection to easily look back on my past inspiration and guidance and when seeking clarity. I love the size! they fit perfectly in my scripture bag. I can easily carry the portable notebook in my purse also. Thank you so much for creating these journals. I have given many as gifts because I feel everyone will love them!


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I will recommend Personal Ponderings Journals to all who hope to remember their studies & personal experiences. I thankfully over-filled two during my mission. I love the organization which allowed me to choose & customize what I felt was most important. I owned my experiences. In regular journals I think the information is in there somewhere – then I get frustrated. However, with the Scripture Journal I have enjoyed reviewing my experiences and because of the ease of finding them have much better remembered the spiritual lessons learned; especially times with training young companions & other growing opportunities in leadership. Again it has been a perfect balance of a simple, practical, & organized journal, which will aid any in creating a beautiful & useful Book of Remembrance.

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